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About BoiseIdaho.net Web Design Company

Our company, BoiseIdaho.net is a full service multi-media and web design and development company. While we primarily design for real estate professionals, BoiseIdaho.net also offers full-service website solutions for small businesses, corporations and non-profits. We began developing websites for local real estate professionals in 1994 and have designed more than 860 websites since.

For our entire current website portfolio, click here ---> BoiseIdaho.net/portfolio.html

Just a plug for Nancy from the Cathedral of the Rockies:

"Nancy designed our website and is so ready and willing to help us out with updates and changes. She is prompt and gets the work done quickly and efficiently. We love Nancy and our Web Maintenance Agreement with her! Did I mention that when you work with her you also make an awesome friend?"

~ Cindy Todeschi, Outreach and Adult Education at the Cathedral of the Rockies

Website Services:

BoiseIdaho.net agrees to design, build, install, and/or maintain a website for Client according to agreed upon specifications, including validated HTML, link check, custom graphics, header or logo as specified, all pages and links necessary to display products and/or services of client.

BoiseIdaho.net shall also prepare the site for search engine submission, which shall include analysis of text for keyword content, alt tags for images, preparation and installation of keyword and content meta tags, and submission to the major free submission search engines. Presently we submit to Yahoo, Google, MSN, Open Directory, Alta Vista, Fast/All the Web... BoiseIdaho.net does not guarantee listings on search engines as they alone determine who they will list and who they will not.

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Upon first set of revisions of a functioning website, client will have 30 additional calendar days to make any additional and minor changes or revisions at no cost. At the end of the 30 days, an optional Website Maintenance Agreement (WMA) will begin for an additional 12 months. * See WMA specifics / limitations outlined below.

* Website Maintenance Agreements:

BoiseIdaho.net Annual Website Maintenance Fee (Optional $975)

Provides one year's worth of website maintenance not to exceed 12 months or 24 hours, whichever comes first.
Each contract would save the client $1,115 off of our hourly rate of $85/hr.

BoiseIdaho.net Annual 'Mini' Website Maintenance Fee (Optional $695)

Provides one year's worth of website maintenance not to exceed 12 months or 12 hours, whichever comes first.
Each contract would save the client $325 off of our hourly rate of $85/hr.

** WMA times can be used as per client's request (i.e. time can be used-up within 3 months). There is no limit on the number of contracts purchased by any one client. This agreement includes: Minor website alterations, updates, repairs, maintenance to regular webpages; Updating links and making minor changes to sentences or paragraphs; Adding text pages in a similar format to others currently on the site; Replacing existing graphics with graphics provided by the client; and FTP's. This service does not apply to the full actual redesign of a website. If the client or an agent other than a BoiseIdaho.net employee attempts to update the client's pages, time to repair webpages will be assessed at the regular hourly rate of $85/hr., and is not included as part of the updating time.

Please feel free contact any of our referrals thorough our website portfolio. Thank you again for considering our services. We look forward to discussing your expectations and Internet Marketing plans with you.

"I highly recommend BoiseIdaho.net for all your web needs. We have used them for years and appreciate their impeccable skill and design ability! Their service is quick, efficient and they design fabulous websites!"

~ Ruth Stephens, Administrator, Women's Health Associates

Looking For Website Trade?

We are always looking for a good website trade deal! Currently we are considering the following trades:

  • Landscape Designers: Product and/or Labor
  • Sprinklers: Product Product and Instalation
  • Tile / Granite / Stone: Product and/or Labor
  • Home Gutters: Product and Labor
  • Painters: Product and/or Labor

About Our Sister Company BoiseIdahoRealEstate.net

Providing you a comprehensive selection of products designed to help you through your home buying and selling process, whether it be in Boise, Idaho or anywhere else. This site is designed to provide you with the resources to guide you through the process and answer many of those questions that arise from a real estate transaction. We welcome any feedback on our products, and will continue to review new products in order to provide you with the most current and comprehensive information available. Click here to be taken to BoiseIdahoRealEstate.net.

"Nancy is the greatest in our local market for web site design. She convinced me a decade ago; way before my competitors were doing anything online; to invest resources into this new online world and I'm so glad I took the leap with her then and got out in front of the consumer early on. I would highly recommend her to any person or business looking to get an online presence."

~ Sincerely, Suzi Boyle, "Nation's Top 200 Mortgage Loan Originators"