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A professional web designer is someone who manages to ignore her personal likes and dislikes and creates the layout that satisfies and attracts the audience of the website and business. Web design principles are generally accepted. While some designs or styles may work for some projects, others may not. Your project’s niche and goals are the factors upon which your website should be based, so don’t disregard some basic concepts of marketing, psychology, art and search engine optimization.

"BoiseIdaho.net, under the direction of Nancy Barerra, has provided excellent service to me. When I launched my consulting practice, Nancy provided purposeful and resourceful direction in the development of my web site. I wrote the content, and Nancy edited and arranged the content in a user-friendly and attractive web design. She found appropriate graphics, and designed the site with colors and textures that provide a welcoming, calming environment for visitors. This is important, as my web site deals with the emotional issues of eldercare. Nancy has always addressed any questions and implemented requested changes in a very timely manner. She’s been great to work with and I appreciate her expertise. I would not hesitate to recommend BoiseIdaho.net for web design and management."

~ Sincerely, Stephanie Bender-Kitz, Ph.D.; www.kitzworks.com

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What Types Of Website Designers Are There?

"Nancy, I always recommend you and your web services to friends and businesses. And we have had results! I am always so pleased when they choose you! I appreciate your expertise and knowledge about the web design that people respond to for my Real Estate business. I do not have time to spend, as you well know, on my web page. You are always good about offering special deals to upgrade when I need it. Thanks, for being patient with me!"

~ Sincerely, Vicki Tollefson - REALTOR®

Who Is A Good Designer And How Much Do They Charge?

Much of your choice of designers depends on whether you want to work locally with someone, or whether you are willing to work remotely with them over the phone. Here are some things to think and ask about when hiring a website designer:

We at BoiseIdaho.net know that your website is crucial to the success of your business. By asking the right questions, you’re more likely to pick a website designer who can do the work you want, is willing to really listen to you, can create a site that reflects you and your business, and keeps within your budget and timeframe. We hope that is us. For a free quote, click here.

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A Sample Of Our Skill Set & Media Production Tools:

NLE Editing

Final Cut Studio Pro 2
Adobe Premiere CS4

Compression Software

Apple Compressor
Sorenson Squeeze Professional
Discreet Cleaner
Episode Pro

BLU-RAY  & DVD Production

Apple DVD Studio Pro
Adobe Encore DVD

Web / HTML Production Tools

HTML / XHTML / DTML / XLST / JavaScript DreamWeaver  CS4

Vector Graphics & Photo Graphics

Fireworks CS4
PhotoShop CS4
ToonBoom Animation Studio

Interactive CDROM Development

AutoPlay Media Studio

Illustration & Page layout

Adobe Illustrator CS4
Freehand 11
Adobe InDesign CS4

Video Special Effects

Apple Shake
Adobe After Effects
Discreet Combustion
3D Studio-Max

Vector Animation

Flash CS4
Erain Swift 3D

Sound FX

Apple Soundtrack
Dolby A-Pack 5.1 Digital Encoder

Database Development Applications

SQL Server
Apple Cinema Tools
Microsoft Access
Oracle 11i Development Toolset

Scripting Development Languages

HTML / XHTML / DTML / XLST / JavaScript / CGI / PHP
Macromedia Lingo/Action Script 2